I am
wishing I could still say I was in my late 20s . . .
currently living in Madison, Wisconsin, but not for long (see below)
a student, first of writing and language and culture,
and now of law (also not for long)
a friend, a hard worker, a traveler,
a writer whenever I am able,
enjoying life, even as I get busier,
former restaurant manager turned vaccine account manager,
turned law student pursuing what hopefully will be my perma-career,
fortunate to have grown up in a stable suburban home with good parents
(divorced mom and dad plus stepmom)
married to my opposite,
an immigrant math whiz from rural Mexican who can’t decide if he should be…
an auto mechanic, a chef, or ruler of the world,
mother to a surprisingly adorable toddler, who is everything;

I blog because…
it gives me a platform to compose my thoughts
into something that satisfies my desire to create,
offers the opportunity to spew my ideas on our broken
immigration system,
sharpens my analytical and writing skills
allows me to communicate with friends, family
and the occasional random web surfer.

My favorite times…
have been with amazing people I have met on my journeys
to college in Madison,
to Beijing, China
to Sivikasi, India
to rural Mexico
to Milwaukee-area restaurants
even at a boring medical supply company, and then . . .
. . . back in Madison for law school – 2008 to 2010

sad to leave Madison, oh so sad
to leave friends, and end an era of amazing experiences and so much learning
but also excited to return to Milwaukee
to return to other friends and lots of family
and to do what I set out to do when I went on this final (educational) journey


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