back in the land of huge potholes

February 19, 2008

Seriously, I have never seen potholes like this in my life! It snows, then it melts, then it snows a lot, then it drops well below zero, then it warms up, then it snows. Well, I actually missed most of that because I was in Mexico for two weeks. But the roads can’t take it anymore.

My husband and brother-in-law were joking on our ride home from O’Hare airport in Chicago the other night that it was like Tlacuela, referring to the VERY rural, hillside town where Fermin was born. They barely have electricity there, chickens and geese run free and people get milk from the family cow. It’s beautiful countryside, but modern in very few senses. And their roads look like ours right now. Ironic.

Well, I have so much to say about so many things right now that my posting will hopefully be quite regular over the next few days, weeks. Vacation does that. My inner writer is re-energized. Also I have news, but I will save it for a little later.