getting tough

November 8, 2008

I hadn’t seen any of these articles before, but I just read the fifth of this series of reports in the New York Times. The theme is “efforts by the government and others to compel illegal immigrants to leave the U.S.”

The last article is actually about hospitals “repatriating” legal immigrants who need ongoing medical care for critical injuries or conditions. Meaning, if you are here legally, but uninsured, and get sick in a way that is too expensive, the hospital will eventually send you back to your home country. What humanitarians we’ve become.

Repatriating the sick: Immigrants facing deportation by U.S. hospitals

States take new tack on illegal immigration

Immigrant v. Immigrant: A Somali influx unsettles Latino immigrants

Businesses push back: Employers fight tough measures on immigration

The hospital’s burden: Deported in Coma, Saved back in the U.S.