in Litchfield, IL

Well, nothing much to report, but since I have the wireless connection, I might as well check in. I had planned to stay just outside St. Louis tonight, but I got as far as Litchfield, IL on my tank of gas, and was pretty tired after seven hours of mild-hangover-tinged work and five hours in the car.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading (I learned tonight) along much of the highway that replaced old Route 66. The hotel I am staying at tonight actually, is on the old road, which looks rather dark and foreboding past the hotel and the Super Wal-mart that light up the edge of this small town.

Speaking of Wal-mart, I am not a fan, but my choices tonight were Wal-mart and Aldi, so I was forced to go there for some fruit and bottled water for tomorrow’s loooooong drive into Texas. It’s really sad to think that the groceries in that store were what this whole town is forced to chose from. I guess good thing for Wal-mart few of them know any better.

And now it’s time for sleeping.

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